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August 2006

This healthy 99-year-old man licensed his photograph to help promote the public communication of the results of Sardinia's ProgeNIA project (see Pilia et al.). Sponsored by the National Institute on Aging (NIA) to identify genetic risk factors for aging-associated diseases, the study is conducted jointly by researchers at the Istituto di Neurogenetica e Neurofarmacologia, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Cagliari; the NIA; and the University of Michigan.

Image Credit: Photo by Giangiorgio Crisponi. Graphic by Askos Edizioni Cagliari (


Understanding Mammalian Genetic Systems: The Challenge of Phenotyping in the Mouse

Steve D. M Brown, John M Hancock, Hilary Gates

Research Articles

Matrilineal Fertility Inheritance Detected in Hunter–Gatherer Populations Using the Imbalance of Gene Genealogies

Michael G. B Blum, Evelyne Heyer, Olivier François, Fréderic Austerlitz

Family-Based versus Unrelated Case-Control Designs for Genetic Associations

Evangelos Evangelou, Thomas A Trikalinos, Georgia Salanti, John P. A Ioannidis

Identification of Mitochondrial DNA Polymorphisms That Alter Mitochondrial Matrix pH and Intracellular Calcium Dynamics

An-a Kazuno, Kae Munakata, Takeharu Nagai, Satoshi Shimozono, Masashi Tanaka, Makoto Yoneda, Nobumasa Kato, Atsushi Miyawaki, Tadafumi Kato

Integrating Genetic and Network Analysis to Characterize Genes Related to Mouse Weight

Anatole Ghazalpour, Sudheer Doss, Bin Zhang, Susanna Wang, Christopher Plaisier, Ruth Castellanos, Alec Brozell, Eric E Schadt, Thomas A Drake, Aldons J Lusis, Steve Horvath

Novel STAT1 Alleles in Otherwise Healthy Patients with Mycobacterial Disease

Ariane Chapgier, Stéphanie Boisson-Dupuis, Emmanuelle Jouanguy, Guillaume Vogt, Jacqueline Feinberg, Ada Prochnicka-Chalufour, Armanda Casrouge, Kun Yang, Claire Soudais, Claire Fieschi, Orchidée Filipe Santos, Jacinta Bustamante, Capucine Picard, Ludovic de Beaucoudrey, Jean-François Emile, Peter D Arkwright, Robert D Schreiber, Claudia Rolinck-Werninghaus, Angela Rösen-Wolff, Klaus Magdorf, Joachim Roesler, Jean-Laurent Casanova

Heritability of Cardiovascular and Personality Traits in 6,148 Sardinians

Giuseppe Pilia, Wei-Min Chen, Angelo Scuteri, Marco Orrú, Giuseppe Albai, Mariano Dei, Sandra Lai, Gianluca Usala, Monica Lai, Paola Loi, Cinzia Mameli, Loredana Vacca, Manila Deiana, Nazario Olla, Marco Masala, Antonio Cao, Samer S Najjar, Antonio Terracciano, Timur Nedorezov, Alexei Sharov, Alan B Zonderman, Gonçalo R Abecasis, Paul Costa, Edward Lakatta, David Schlessinger

Overlapping Functions of Argonaute Proteins in Patterning and Morphogenesis of Drosophila Embryos

Wibke J Meyer, Silke Schreiber, Yi Guo, Thorsten Volkmann, Michael A Welte, H. Arno J Müller

Involvement of Synaptonemal Complex Proteins in Sex Chromosome Segregation during Marsupial Male Meiosis

Jesús Page, Alberto Viera, María Teresa Parra, Roberto de la Fuente, José Ángel Suja, Ignacio Prieto, José Luis Barbero, Julio S Rufas, Soledad Berríos, Raúl Fernández-Donoso

Regional Admixture Mapping and Structured Association Testing: Conceptual Unification and an Extensible General Linear Model

David T Redden, Jasmin Divers, Laura Kelly Vaughan, Hemant K Tiwari, T. Mark Beasley, José R Fernández, Robert P Kimberly, Rui Feng, Miguel A Padilla, Nianjun Liu, Michael B Miller, David B Allison

GATA2 Is Associated with Familial Early-Onset Coronary Artery Disease

Jessica J Connelly, Tianyuan Wang, Julie E Cox, Carol Haynes, Liyong Wang, Svati H Shah, David R Crosslin, A. Brent Hale, Sarah Nelson, David C Crossman, Christopher B Granger, Jonathan L Haines, Christopher J. H Jones, Jeffery M Vance, Pascal J Goldschmidt-Clermont, William E Kraus, Elizabeth R Hauser, Simon G Gregory