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February 2006

Meiosis is a special type of cell division process universally required for sexual reproduction. Work in this issue addresses how meiotic recombination is coordinated with dramatic changes observed in chromosome and nuclear organization during meiosis in C. elegans (see Carlton et al.). DNA is shown in red and the recombination protein RAD-51 in green.

Image Credit: Image by Peter Carlton, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. Projections through three-dimensional digital image stacks acquired with wide-field optics and deconvolved using the DeltaVision imaging system.

Special Report

A Meiotic Tapas Menu

Gregory P Copenhaver


Research Articles

Targeting Determinants of Dosage Compensation in Drosophila

Ina K Dahlsveen, Gregor D Gilfillan, Vladimir I Shelest, Rosemarie Lamm, Peter B Becker

A Link between Meiotic Prophase Progression and Crossover Control

Peter M Carlton, Alfonso P Farruggio, Abby F Dernburg

Complex Genetic Interactions in a Quantitative Trait Locus

Himanshu Sinha, Bradly P Nicholson, Lars M Steinmetz, John H McCusker

Sox6 Directly Silences Epsilon Globin Expression in Definitive Erythropoiesis

Zanhua Yi, Orit Cohen-Barak, Nobuko Hagiwara, Paul D Kingsley, Deborah A Fuchs, Drew T Erickson, Elliot M Epner, James Palis, Murray H Brilliant

Genetic and Genomic Analysis of a Fat Mass Trait with Complex Inheritance Reveals Marked Sex Specificity

Susanna Wang, Nadir Yehya, Eric E Schadt, Hui Wang, Thomas A Drake, Aldons J Lusis

An Integrated Strategy for Analyzing the Unique Developmental Programs of Different Myoblast Subtypes

Beatriz Estrada, Sung E Choe, Stephen S Gisselbrecht, Sebastien Michaud, Lakshmi Raj, Brian W Busser, Marc S Halfon, George M Church, Alan M Michelson

Permissive Transcriptional Activity at the Centromere through Pockets of DNA Hypomethylation

Nicholas C Wong, Lee H Wong, Julie M Quach, Paul Canham, Jeffrey M Craig, Jenny Z Song, Susan J Clark, K. H. Andy Choo

trt-1 Is the Caenorhabditis elegans Catalytic Subunit of Telomerase

Bettina Meier, Iuval Clejan, Yan Liu, Mia Lowden, Anton Gartner, Jonathan Hodgkin, Shawn Ahmed

Bias of Selection on Human Copy-Number Variants

Duc-Quang Nguyen, Caleb Webber, Chris P Ponting

Comparative Genomics of Emerging Human Ehrlichiosis Agents

Julie C. Dunning Hotopp, Mingqun Lin, Ramana Madupu, Jonathan Crabtree, Samuel V Angiuoli, Jonathan Eisen, Rekha Seshadri, Qinghu Ren, Martin Wu, Teresa R Utterback, Shannon Smith, Matthew Lewis, Hoda Khouri, Chunbin Zhang, Hua Niu, Quan Lin, Norio Ohashi, Ning Zhi, William Nelson, Lauren M Brinkac, Robert J Dodson, M. J Rosovitz, Jaideep Sundaram, Sean C Daugherty, Tanja Davidsen, Anthony S Durkin, Michelle Gwinn, Daniel H Haft, Jeremy D Selengut, Steven A Sullivan, Nikhat Zafar, Liwei Zhou, Faiza Benahmed, Heather Forberger, Rebecca Halpin, Stephanie Mulligan, Jeffrey Robinson, Owen White, Yasuko Rikihisa, Hervé Tettelin

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DNA Sequences Shaped by Selection for Stability

Martin Ackermann, Lin Chao