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December 2005

A comprehensive genetic interaction network for maintaining genome stability, as determined by a global synthetic genetic array screen in yeast (see Budd et al.).

Image Credit: The genetic network maps synthetic lethal double mutant phenotypes, and was created with the Pajek program.



Research Articles

A Network of Multi-Tasking Proteins at the DNA Replication Fork Preserves Genome Stability

Martin E Budd, Amy Hin Yan Tong, Piotr Polaczek, Xiao Peng, Charles Boone, Judith L Campbell

Medical Sequencing of Candidate Genes for Nonsyndromic Cleft Lip and Palate

Alexandre R Vieira, Joseph R Avila, Sandra Daack-Hirsch, Ecaterina Dragan, Têmis M Félix, Fedik Rahimov, Jill Harrington, Rebecca R Schultz, Yoriko Watanabe, Marla Johnson, Jennifer Fang, Sarah E O'Brien, Iêda M Orioli, Eduardo E Castilla, David R FitzPatrick, Rulang Jiang, Mary L Marazita, Jeffrey C Murray

Clines, Clusters, and the Effect of Study Design on the Inference of Human Population Structure

Noah A Rosenberg, Saurabh Mahajan, Sohini Ramachandran, Chengfeng Zhao, Jonathan K Pritchard, Marcus W Feldman

Species Choice for Comparative Genomics: Being Greedy Works

Fabio Pardi, Nick Goldman

Ablation of the Sam68 RNA Binding Protein Protects Mice from Age-Related Bone Loss

Stéphane Richard, Nazi Torabi, Gladys Valverde Franco, Guy A Tremblay, Taiping Chen, Gillian Vogel, Mélanie Morel, Patrick Cléroux, Alexandre Forget-Richard, Svetlana Komarova, Michel L Tremblay, Wei Li, Ailian Li, Yun Jing Gao, Janet E Henderson

The Flavoring Agent Dihydrocoumarin Reverses Epigenetic Silencing and Inhibits Sirtuin Deacetylases

Andrew J Olaharski, Jasper Rine, Brett L Marshall, Joshua Babiarz, Luoping Zhang, Eric Verdin, Martyn T Smith

Genome-Wide Associations of Gene Expression Variation in Humans

Barbara E Stranger, Matthew S Forrest, Andrew G Clark, Mark J Minichiello, Samuel Deutsch, Robert Lyle, Sarah Hunt, Brenda Kahl, Stylianos E Antonarakis, Simon Tavaré, Panagiotis Deloukas, Emmanouil T Dermitzakis

Differential Regulation of Strand-Specific Transcripts from Arabidopsis Centromeric Satellite Repeats

Bruce P May, Zachary B Lippman, Yuda Fang, David L Spector, Robert A Martienssen

Harnessing Natural Diversity to Probe Metabolic Pathways

Oliver R Homann, Houjian Cai, Jeffrey M Becker, Susan L Lindquist

Differential Susceptibility to Hypertension Is Due to Selection during the Out-of-Africa Expansion

J. Hunter Young, Yen-Pei C Chang, James Dae-Ok Kim, Jean-Paul Chretien, Michael J Klag, Michael A Levine, Christopher B Ruff, Nae-Yuh Wang, Aravinda Chakravarti

Accurate Prediction of the Functional Significance of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms and Mutations in the ABCA1 Gene

Liam R Brunham, Roshni R Singaraja, Terry D Pape, Anish Kejariwal, Paul D Thomas, Michael R Hayden


Correction: Uncoupling of Longevity and Telomere Length in C. elegans

Marcela Raices, Hugo Maruyama, Andrew Dillin, Jan Karlseder

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