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Pleiotropy and epistasis within and between signaling pathways defines the genetic architecture of fungal virulence

Fig 7

Melanin and high-temperature phenotypes of RIC8.

A) The C. neoformans strain, KN99α, the ric8Δ deletion strain, and C. deneoformans parental strains, 431α and XL280a were grown on plates with L-DOPA and L-DOPA + cAMP. Both the ric8Δ strain and XL280a demonstrated large increases in the production of melanin when grown in the presence of exogenous cAMP. B) Growth in liquid culture (OD595, y-axis) of KN99α (black) and the corresponding ric8Δ strain (red) under conditions of heat stress (37°C and 39°C) across 72 hours (x-axis).

Fig 7