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Integrative QTL analysis of gene expression and chromatin accessibility identifies multi-tissue patterns of genetic regulation

Fig 7

Ccdc137 local-eQTL is mediated by proximal chromatin accessibility.

Ccdc137 expression and the chromatin accessibility in the proximal region were highly correlated (r = 0.71). Genome scans for Ccdc137 expression (yellow), nearby chromatin accessibility (blue), and chromatin mediation of the Ccdc137 local-eQTL (red) in lung tissue. The local-eQTL and local-cQTL for the chromatin region at the TSS of Ccdc137 (red tick) are over-lapping, and have highly correlated haplotype effects (r = 0.98). The steep drop in the statistical association with expression, represented as logP, at the chromatin site in the mediation scan supports chromatin mediation of Ccdc137 expression, depicted as a simple graph [top right]. The QTL and mediation signals were detected at genome-wide significance.

Fig 7