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The genetic architecture of helminth-specific immune responses in a wild population of Soay sheep (Ovis aries)

Table 2

SNPs showing the strongest association with anti-T. circumcincta IgA, IgE and IgG levels in lambs and adults.

The P-values provided in this table have not been corrected using genomic control to allow comparisons between directly genotyped and imputed SNPs. Asterisks next to the SNP name indicate that the most highly associated SNP was imputed from the high-density SNP chip. N 50K and N HD indicate how many SNPs were significantly associated with the trait in the same region for the 50K and HD SNP chips, respectively. A and B indicate the reference and alternate alleles at each SNP. MAF indicates the minor allele frequency (allele B); for imputed SNPs, this was calculated using the HD chip data only and not imputed genotypes. Genotype effects AA, AB and BB are the effect sizes as calculated from the associated animal model. Full results including corrected P values are provided in Fig 5 and S5 and S6 Tables; gene and GO information is provided in S7 & S8 Tables. Lamb IgE associations are given for the log10 of the antibody measures (see Methods).

Table 2