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Integrating predicted transcriptome from multiple tissues improves association detection

Fig 2

Improved significance of MultiXcan vs PrediXcan across a broad set of traits.

Panel a compares the number of significant associations detected by MultiXcan and PrediXcan for 222 traits from UK Biobank. These numbers were thresholded at 800 for visualization purposes. Panel b shows the number of discoveries in each method across the 222 UK Biobank traits. MultiXcan is able to detect more findings PrediXcan, either with a single tissue or using all 44 GTEx tissues. Panel c compares the distribution of MultiXcan’s p-values to PrediXcan’s p-values for the Cholesterol trait in the UK Biobank cohort. Both PrediXcan with a single tissue model (GTEx Whole Blood) and 44 models (GTEx v6p models) are shown. Notice that Bonferroni-significance levels are different for each case, since 6588 genes were tested in PrediXcan for Whole Blood, 195532 gene-tissue pairs for all GTEx tissues, and 17434 genes in MultiXcan. P-values were truncated at 10−30 for visualization convenience.

Fig 2