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Genotype to phenotype: Diet-by-mitochondrial DNA haplotype interactions drive metabolic flexibility and organismal fitness

Fig 14

Glycogen metabolism is increased and the pentose phosphate pathway is upregulated in Alstonville larvae fed the 1:16 P:C diet.

(A) Glycogen level was highest in Alstonville larvae (n = 10 biological rep/mitotype). (B) Physical activity was highest in Alstonville larvae fed the control (sucrose) diet and when gluconate was the dietary sugar (n = 16 larvae/mitotype with 3 outliers removed when fed sucrose and 12 larvae/mitotype when fed gluconate). (C) Expression of Zw and the Ilp2 on control (sucrose) and gluconate diets were higher in Alstonville larvae (n = 6 rep/mitotype with 1 failed reaction). Bars (mean ± s.e.m). * p< 0.05 and ** p< 0.01, as calculated by t-tests (see text).

Fig 14