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Sequential induction of three recombination directionality factors directs assembly of tripartite integrative and conjugative elements

Fig 3

Quorum sensing activation of ICEMcSym1271 promoters.

Overlayed relative read coverage (or sequencing depth) plots represent standardised values for the mean number of reads mapped to the positive strand of the regions shown in this figure from the three unfiltered QS+ (grey) and QS- (black) transcriptome libraries of WSM1271. QS+ strains were induced for QS by overexpressing both traI1 and traR1 from the plasmids pPR3-traI1 and pSDz-traR1, respectively, whereas the QS- control strains carried the parent vectors pPR3 and pSDz. The mean read depth for the (A) traI2-msi172-msi171, and (B) rdfS-traF-msi107 and rlxS regions of ICEMcSym1271 in QS- transcriptome libraries were almost non-existent relative to that of the QS+ strain (See S1 Dataset for a full list of TPM values from the filtered reads). A magnified view of reads mapping to the promoter region and the DNA sequence is shown in S4 Fig. These plots were produced using Integrated Genome Browser [73].

Fig 3