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A MIG-15/JNK-1 MAP kinase cascade opposes RPM-1 signaling in synapse formation and learning

Fig 2

nsy-1 and mig-15 suppress synapse formation defects in rpm-1 mutants.

(A) Shown are PLM axon termination defects (magenta arrows) in rpm-1 single mutants, as well as rpm-1; nsy-1 and rpm-1; mig-15 double mutants. Note mig-15 results in small body size. (B-C) Quantitation of axon termination defects for indicated genotypes. (D) Shown is a synaptic branch defect in an rpm-1 mutant (orange arrow), which is suppressed in rpm-1; nsy-1 and rpm-1; mig-15 double mutants. Dashed white circle notes migration defect in which the PVM cell body is absent in mig-15. (E-F) Quantitation of synaptic branch defects for indicated genotypes. Averages are shown from 4–10 counts (25–30 neurons/count) of young adult animals for each genotype. Error bars represent standard error of mean, and significance was determined using unpaired Student’s t test with Bonferroni correction. *** p< 0.001, ns = not significant. Scale bars 10 μm.

Fig 2