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Northeast African genomic variation shaped by the continuity of indigenous groups and Eurasian migrations

Fig 3

Maps showing the amount of Nilotic and Eurasian admixture and admixture dates in investigated populations.

(A) Map shows the distribution of the Nilotic component in Northeast African populations (at K = 7). (B) Estimated non-African (using a European group) admixture using f4-ratios (see Methods). (C) Admixture dates (in generations) of Sudanese populations estimated using patterns of LD decay [34]. Numbers in red indicate multiple admixture events of which the oldest is shown. Populations without admixture dates had no significant results in the analyses for an admixture event between a Sudanese or South Sudanese population and a non-African population. See S7 Table for putative admixture sources.

Fig 3