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Systematic identification and characterization of regulatory elements derived from human endogenous retroviruses

Fig 5

Characteristics of genes in the vicinity of HERV-TFBSs.

Results from unique-read TFBSs are shown. A) Enrichment of HERV-TFBSs as seen in regions near cell type-specific genes. In respective cell types, 200 of the specifically expressed genes according to the cell type were identified. Then we measured enrichments of HERV-TFBSs of respective cell types in regions near the cell type-specific genes using the GREAT [53]. Fold enrichment scores (left) and p values (right) are shown as heatmaps. Fold enrichment scores of >1.2 are shown with the corresponding p values. B) Distance-based GO enrichment analysis. GO terms in the category of biological process were examined. The GREAT analyses [53] were performed using sets of all HERV-TFBSs in respective cell types. HERV-TFBSs identified in cells treated with special conditions (e.g., supplement of interferon) were excluded. GO terms were summarized by REVIGO [73]. GO terms with hold enrichment scores of >2 are shown.

Fig 5