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ELLI-1, a novel germline protein, modulates RNAi activity and P-granule accumulation in Caenorhabditis elegans

Fig 1

Screen for regulators of P-granule accumulation.

A) Screening strategy to isolate mutants with enlarged PGL-1::GFP granules. PGL-1::GFP worms were mutagenized, 2000 F1 progeny were cloned to individual plates, and F2 progeny were screened for homozygous (m/m) mutants with enlarged P granules B) PGL-1::GFP expression in the gonad arm of parental (P0) and mutant strains. C) Relative PGL-1 intensity in mutant germlines normalized to the parental control. D) Increased PGL-1::GFP size in mutants correlates with increased PGL-1 intensity.

Fig 1