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The Gene Regulatory Network of Lens Induction Is Wired through Meis-Dependent Shadow Enhancers of Pax6

Fig 5

Genetic analysis of SIMO deletion in vivo.

(A) Scheme of wild-type Pax6 locus and alleles carrying EE [17] or SIMO deletion (this study). EE is indicated with red oval and SIMO with yellow oval. (B) Phenotypic consequences of SIMO deletion in Pax6eSIMOdel710/Sey compound heterozygote mice. Whole-mount view of E13.5 embryos of the indicated genotype with eye in the inset (top panel). Histological sections through the eye demonstrating the absence of lens at E13.5 (middle panel) and arrested development prior to lens pit stage at E11.0 in Pax6 SIMOdel710/Sey embryos. nr—neural retina, le-lens.

Fig 5