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Temporal Shift of Circadian-Mediated Gene Expression and Carbon Fixation Contributes to Biomass Heterosis in Maize Hybrids

Fig 7

Temporal shift of ZmCCA1-binding to target (carbon fixation) genes in ZmCCA1b overexpression line (OX1-3) and F1 hybrids.

(A-D) ChIP-qPCR assays were performed on ZmCCA1-binding target genes in B104, OX1-3 and F1 hybrid (OX1-3XMo17) lines in four target genes, ZM2G121612 (A), ZM2G033885 (B), ZM2G398288 (C), and ZM2G394732 (D). ChIP-qPCR values are represented relative to the corresponding input values (means ± SEM, n = 2–3). Dash lines represent ChIP-qPCR data from control (mock) samples.

Fig 7