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A Syntenic Cross Species Aneuploidy Genetic Screen Links RCAN1 Expression to β-Cell Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Type 2 Diabetes

Fig 2

RCAN1 expression and methylation in human and mouse Type 2 diabetic islets.

(A) RCAN1 gene expression in human non-diabetic (ND, n = 77, blue symbols) and type 2 diabetic islets (T2D, n = 12, red symbols). (B) RCAN1 expression vs donor HbA1c (n = 89). RCAN1 expression and methylation status at sites (C) cg05056497, (D) cg05156137 and (E) cg21301258 are strongly correlated. (F) RCAN1.1 and RCAN1.4 protein expression in human islets. (G) Quantification of RCAN1 islet protein expression in human islets (n = 3), mouse islets (n = 5) and mouse MIN6 β-cells (n = 3). (H) RCAN1.1 and RCAN1.4 protein expression in control (db/+) and db/db islets. (I) Quantification of (G) (n = 6 control, n = 5 db/db). **p < 0.01, ***p < 0.001.

Fig 2