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The Lysine Acetyltransferase Activator Brpf1 Governs Dentate Gyrus Development through Neural Stem Cells and Progenitors

Fig 3

Brpf1 loss impairs dentate gyrus development, dendritic tree formation and neuronal proliferation.

(A-B) Nissl staining of coronal brain sections from E17.5 and P0 mice. At P0, loss of Brpf1 resulted in underdevelopment of the suprapyramidal blade (sb) and disappearance of the infrapyramidal blade (ib) in the developing dentate gyrus. (C) Golgi-Cox staining of coronal brain sections at P19. Representative images of hippocampal regions from the wild-type and bKO brain sections show that the bKO hippocampus possessed disorganized neurons, with less robust dendritic trees. There were also fewer neurons in the mutant dentate gyrus. Red asterisks denote areas accidentally torn during staining. The boxed regions in the top panels are shown in the lower panels at higher magnification. (D-E) Ki67 immunohistochemistry showing that cell proliferation dramatically decreased in the subgranular zone of the bKO dentate gyrus at P10 and P24. The subgranular zones of the control P10 and P24 sections shown here contain 20 and 34 Ki67+ cells, respectively, whereas the corresponding regions of the mutant sections possess either one or no Ki67+ cells. Scale bars, 100 μm for (A-B & D-E) and 200 μm for (C).

Fig 3