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Functional Diversity of Carbohydrate-Active Enzymes Enabling a Bacterium to Ferment Plant Biomass

Figure 3

CAZymes clustered based on gene expression patterns (clusters A–I) show that some genes respond to multiple carbon sources while others are substrate-specific.

mRNA expression changes (log2 expression ratios relative to glucose) for all 92 CAZyme genes differentially expressed on at least 1 polysaccharide relative to glucose were separated into nine clusters using K-means. Plot centers are expression on glucose and concentric rings show log2 up-regulation on the following carbon sources: cellobiose (Cb), filter paper cellulose (Cl), starch (Sa), xylose (Xo), xylan (Xy), arabinan (Ar), galacturonic acid (Ga), homogalacturonan (Hg), galactan (Gl), galactomannan (Gm), raw corn stover (Co). Gene membership of clusters is shown in Table S9.

Figure 3