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Analysis of the Phlebiopsis gigantea Genome, Transcriptome and Secretome Provides Insight into Its Pioneer Colonization Strategies of Wood

Figure 8

Glycoside hydrolase encoding genes show similar patterns of expression in media containing freshly ground and non-extracted loblolly pine wood (NELP) relative to the same substrate but extracted with acetone (ELP) to remove pitch and resins.

Proteins (upper panel) and transcripts (lower panel) were identified by LC-MS/MS and RNA-seq, respectively. Protein identification was limited to those with>2 unique peptides after five days incubation. Transcript upregulation was limited to significant accumulation (p<0.05;>2-fold) on NELP or ELP relative to glucose-containing medium. Secretome and transcriptome experimental details and complete data are presented in Text S1 and Dataset S2.

Figure 8