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Analysis of the Phlebiopsis gigantea Genome, Transcriptome and Secretome Provides Insight into Its Pioneer Colonization Strategies of Wood

Figure 2

Wood decay characteristics.

Comparative weight loss of parental strain 11061 and single basidiospore derivatives on colonized loblolly pine wood (Pinus taeda) wood wafers were determined after 4, 8 and 12 weeks incubation (bottom left panel) as described in Methods. Single basidiospore strain 5–6 also aggressively decayed birch and spruce (Text S1) and was selected for sequencing. Upper panels show scanning electron microscopy [68] of radial (left) and transverse (right) sections of pine wood tracheids that were substantially eroded or completely degraded by P. gigantea strain 5–6 by week twelve. Transverse section of sound wood (bottom photo) provides comparison. (Bar = 40 µm).

Figure 2