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Genome-Wide Association Study of CSF Levels of 59 Alzheimer's Disease Candidate Proteins: Significant Associations with Proteins Involved in Amyloid Processing and Inflammation

Figure 1

Plots for the region surrounding the genome-wide significant locus for each phenotype.

A) region of rs4968782 (ACE), B) region of rs2228467 (CCL2), C) region of rs6808835 (CCL4), D) region of rs61812598 (IL6R), E) region of rs573521 (MMP3). The top SNP for each region is shown in purple. The correlations (r2) of each of the surrounding SNPs to the top SNP are shown in the indicated colors. Recombination rate is shown in blue. SNP annotation is as follows: circle = framestop, square-splice, diamond = nonsynonymous, triangle = coding, inverted triangle = UTR, X = conserved transcription factor binding, square with X = MCS44Placental, star = no annotation, circle with crosshairs = none.

Figure 1