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Genetic Recombination Is Targeted towards Gene Promoter Regions in Dogs

Figure 3

Evidence of biased gene conversion in dog and fox genomes.

The plots show the ratio of the number of AT→GC polymorphisms relative to the number of GT→AT polymorphisms around hotspots detected in dog that were localized to within 5 kb. A) The (AT→GC)/(GC→AT) ratio around hotspots for SNPs discovered in dog (red) and fox (blue). 95% confidence intervals are shown as shaded areas, as assessed via bootstrap. B) The (AT→GC)/(GC→AT) ratio for polymorphisms originating along the dog lineage is stronger around more recombinogenic hotspots. The skew is shown around strong (red), intermediate (green), and weak (blue) hotspots, as defined by the peak rates described in the legend.

Figure 3