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Genetic Recombination Is Targeted towards Gene Promoter Regions in Dogs

Figure 2

Recombination around genome features.

A) Average recombination rates (on a logarithmic scale) for DNA repeats as a function of average GC content. Bubble size gives an indication of the number of repeats in a given family, with colors indicating higher-level repeat classes. Recombination rates for each repeat were estimated in a 5 kb window centered on the repeat, thinned so that no two repeats were within 10 kb. The insert shows (log scale) recombination rates around a selection of repeats. B) Recombination rates around TSS in dog (blue) shows an elevation that dwarfs the small elevation seen in human (red). C) Recombination rates around TSS partitioned on the basis of distance to the nearest CpG island (as defined by the UCSC genome browser), ranging from genes with a CpG island overlapping the TSS (dark blue) to genes with no CpG island within 10 kb (dark red).

Figure 2