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Cell-Type Specific Features of Circular RNA Expression

Figure 6

Quantitative regulation of circular to linear isoform ratios.

A) Examples of circular RNAs with cell-type dependent expression as predicted by a genome-wide statistical model. Circular isoform abundance was estimated as a fraction of total circular RNA expression per replicate, and error bars represent statistical variation (3.5 sd of the mean); replicates are depicted separately. Two circular isoforms of AMBRA1 are shown. For each gene, cell types are ordered left to right by monotonic increasing expression of the linear isoform as measured by RPKM, with RPKM value overlaid as a solid dot. Bar plot colors are consistent across cell types: red representing cancer cell lines, blue H1-HESC and greens are non-cancers; shading from dark to light representing endoderm, mesoderm and ectoderm. B) Across cell lines, no genome-wide trend between circle expression and linear transcript expression as measured by log RPKM.

Figure 6