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Drosophila Functional Elements Are Embedded in Structurally Constrained Sequences

Figure 2

Epigenetic clustering of conserved elements.

A) Classifying CEs according to their epigenetic context. Average enrichments (color coded, white-low, red-high) of selected epigenetic marks (rows) within CEs (columns) are depicted for groups of CEs clustered according to their epigenomic profiles. Due to size limitations, only 100 randomly chosen CEs are shown for each group. B) Average nucleotide compositions around CE clusters. While the basal GC content is variable between the epigenomic clusters, the punctuated GC elevation near conserved elements is pronounced in all of them. C) Nucleosome enrichment around CEs. Average nucleosome occupancy percentile (y-axis) around the CE centers is depicted for each cluster. A consistent depletion in occupancy over the CE center is observed for MNase-seq data of Weber et al. [69] in S2 cells.

Figure 2