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Complex Patterns of Genomic Admixture within Southern Africa

Figure 4

Ju/'hoan-Yoruba ancestry informative markers (AIMs) defined ancestral contributions to the !Xun and amaXhosa, providing evidence for two distinct !Xun lineages with differing ancestral contributions.

(A) STRUCTURE analysis for 2,687 Ju/'hoan-Yoruba AIMs identifies a third ‘unknown’ population cluster when assuming three ancestral populations. (B) Ancestral contributions to the !Xun shows a diverse contribution of a Ju/'hoan and unknown likely Khoesan ancestral fraction and a constant Bantu-derived fraction. (C) Ancestral contributions to the amaXhosa demonstrate more even contributions. (D) Based on ancestral fractions the !Xun are further classified as Ju/'hoan ancestral (n = 6) and (E) unknown ancestral, suggesting two unique !Xun lineages, each with significant Bantu ancestral contributions. The single admixed !Xun (NF2 ⇓) and the three Angolan !Xun (V) are indicated.

Figure 4