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JNK-Interacting Protein 3 Mediates the Retrograde Transport of Activated c-Jun N-Terminal Kinase and Lysosomes

Figure 3

pJNK levels were elevated in jip3nl7 axon terminals.

(A–H) Immunolabeling for active JNK (pJNK; red in merge; white in single channel) in proximal (NM1) and distal (NM3) neuromasts at 2 and 5 dpf. pJnk levels were elevated in all axon terminals in jip3nl7 mutants (A–I; arrowheads). (I,J) Mean fluorescent intensity (background subtracted; see Materials and Methods for details) of pJNK and total JNK (tJNK) labeling in NM1 axon terminals and the pLL ganglion (pLLg) at 5 dpf. (ANOVA, post-hoc contrasts; *-p<0.001). Scale bars = 10 µm.

Figure 3