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Long-Range Regulatory Polymorphisms Affecting a GABA Receptor Constitute a Quantitative Trait Locus (QTL) for Social Behavior in Caenorhabditis elegans

Figure 2

A social behavior II-QTL maps to a 6.2 kb region.

(A) Bordering and aggregation behaviors of recombinants in the II-QTL region introduced as NILs into an N2 background. (B) Behaviors of NILs derived from kyIR97. (C) Behaviors of kyIR110, a near-isogenic line containing 45 kb of HW DNA in an N2 background. (D) Expansion of the 6.2 kb QTL, showing polymorphisms between N2 and HW, location of transcripts (see Methods), and location of deletion alleles used in Figure 3 and Figure 4. Error bars, s.e.m. * P<0.05, ** P<0.01, *** P<0.001 by t-test or ANOVA with Dunnett test. ns, not significant.

Figure 2