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Maize Unstable factor for orange1 Is Required for Maintaining Silencing Associated with Paramutation at the pericarp color1 and booster1 Loci

Figure 6

Representative data showing Ufo1-1–induced reactivation of P1-prTP.

A. Pericarp and cob glume pigmentation phenotypes of F1 progeny obtained from a cross between P1-prTP and p1-ww Ufo1-1 plants. B. Heritability of Ufo1-1-induced reactivation of P1-prTP. F1 plants showing gain of pericarp pigmentation (red/variegated pericarps) were crossed with p1-ww[4Co63] and test-cross progenies were examined for pericarp and cob glume pigmentation. Expected segregation frequencies are based on assumption that increased pigmentation of P1-prTP allele is not heritable in the absence Ufo1-1.

Figure 6