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Identification of Genomic Regions Associated with Phenotypic Variation between Dog Breeds using Selection Mapping

Figure 5

Patterns of polymorphism in a 3 Mb region where variation is associated with drop ear, body size, and boldness phenotypes.

The top panel describes variation compared to the reference sequence in pools of 3 drop ear (Lagotto, Lag; Leonberger, Leo; Bernese Mountain Dog; BMD) and 3 pricked ear breeds (Schipperke, Sch; Finnish Spitz, FSp; Chinese Crested, CCr). Blue lines represent homozygous (fixed) differences from the reference sequence and red lines represent SNPs that are polymorphic in the breed pool. The positions of GWAS associations for drop ear (E) body size (S) and boldness (B) are shown. The positions of genes are also displayed (vertical bars correspond to exons). The second panel displays the levels of relative heterozygosity in all drop ear breeds compared with all prick ear breeds in 100 kb windows. The third panel shows the number of SNPs that are fixed for different alleles in drop and prick ear breeds. Green segments represent SNPs fixed for the reference allele in drop ear breeds, and black segments represent SNPs fixed for the reference allele in pricked ear breeds.

Figure 5