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Identification of Genomic Regions Associated with Phenotypic Variation between Dog Breeds using Selection Mapping

Figure 4

Variation in allele frequencies of the SNPs with the strongest association to drop ear (chr10:11,072,007) and body size (chr10:11,169,956).

A) The frequency of these two SNPs in each breed is plotted against the classification of each breed according to body size and drop ear phenotype. The first SNP shows continuous variation in frequency between breeds, and correlates with drop ear class (1 = pricked ear, 5 = dropped ear). At the second SNP, one allele has very high frequency in some small breeds, but very low frequency in all other breeds. A set of small breeds with high minor allele frequency at this SNP are marked. B) The allele frequencies at these SNPs are consistent with the presence of three haplotypes, associated with different combinations of these traits.

Figure 4