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Sex Chromosome Mosaicism and Hybrid Speciation among Tiger Swallowtail Butterflies

Figure 2

Genotypic differentiation between glaucus and canadensis, and the mismatch in mitochondrial and Z-linked genes in appalachiensis.

(A) appalachiensis genotypes at loci that were significantly different (p<0.001) between glaucus and canadensis, as judged by FST values from a locus-by-locus AMOVA comparing glaucus and canadensis. Genotypes are nucleotide bases at specific SNP or indel polymorphisms, which can be diploid (Z-linked polymorphisms scored in males) or haploid (mtDNA, and Z-linked polymorphisms scored in females). Color code: purple: genotypes characteristic of glaucus; light blue: genotypes characteristic of canadensis; black: heterozygotes; grey: missing data; orange: late flight canadensis. (B) Species pair-wise FST values for the mitochondrial and Z-linked genes (see Table S4 for individual values for each gene and species pair-wise comparisons).

Figure 2