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Sex Chromosome Mosaicism and Hybrid Speciation among Tiger Swallowtail Butterflies

Figure 1

The distributional ranges and hybrid zones of tiger swallowtails, and the hybrid phenotype of Papilio appalachiensis.

(A) Papilio appalachiensis is endemic to mid- and high elevations in the Appalachian Mountains and sympatric with glaucus throughout its range, but presumably parapatric with canadensis in its northernmost range [35], [36] (see Materials and Methods). Also shown is the range of Battus philenor, Batesian model for the mimetic glaucus, appalachiensis and garcia melanic female forms. (B) Ecological and morphological differentiation between glaucus and canadensis, and their admixture in appalachiensis [35][38] (also see Figure S1).

Figure 1