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Zelda Binding in the Early Drosophila melanogaster Embryo Marks Regions Subsequently Activated at the Maternal-to-Zygotic Transition

Figure 6

ZLD binding dynamics through the MZT.

(A) Dynamics of ZLD binding during cycle 8 (top track for each gene), cycle 13 (middle track), and late cycle 14 (bottom track) at three genomic loci: and CG14014/CG18269, HmgZ, and even-skipped (eve) (B) Specificity and sensitivity of the relationship between CAGGTAG and ZLD binding at the three timepoints. Shown are the fractions of the top 1,000 ZLD peaks that contain the motif at the three timepoints (left), and the fraction motif occurrences that are bound by ZLD (right). (C) Distribution of genomic annotations among genomic occurrences of the CAGGTAG motif (blue) and ZLD peaks from three timepoints (green).

Figure 6