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Zelda Binding in the Early Drosophila melanogaster Embryo Marks Regions Subsequently Activated at the Maternal-to-Zygotic Transition

Figure 1

ZLD binds to TAGteam elements in promoters and regulatory elements prior to zygotic activation.

(A) Snapshots of ZLD binding at cycle 8 in the loci containing the early-transcribed genes scute (sc), even-skipped (eve), zerkn├╝llt (zen), CG14014 and CG18269 (B) Enrichment of ZLD binding site variants among ZLD peaks from cycle 8. Peaks were sorted from highest (top) to lowest (bottom) levels of binding and binned into groups of 100. The percent of peaks in each bin containing the appropriate motif within 150 bp of the peak location is indicated by the color of the cell in the left panel, the percent of peaks containing the motif after random repositioning of peaks is shown in the right panel. (C) Sequence motif identified from top 500 ZLD peaks using MEME [14] (D) Distribution of genomic annotations among occurrences of CAGGTAG (top), ZLD peaks at cycle 8 (center), and the expected distribution of annotations (based on their genomic abundance) after randomly repositioning the peaks across the genome (bottom).

Figure 1