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Highly Precise and Developmentally Programmed Genome Assembly in Paramecium Requires Ligase IV–Dependent End Joining

Figure 1

Neighbor-joining tree of P. tetraurelia ATP-dependent DNA ligases.

Ligases produced from ohnologous genes are designated as “a” and “b”. The tree is based on protein sequences using the following parameters: bootstrap 1000, pairwise deletion of gaps, Poisson correction, uniform rates among sites. Accession numbers in ParameciumDB: LIG101a (GSPATG00024948001), LIG101b (PTETG9500001001), LIG102 (GSPATG00030449001), LIG4a (PTETG5400008001), LIG4b (PTETG7200002001), LIGK01a (GSPATG00034046001), LIGK01b (GSPATG00037262001), LIGK02 (PTETG100004001), LIGK03 (GSPATG00025612001). The scale indicates the number of amino acid substitutions at each site between related proteins.

Figure 1