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Post-Embryonic Nerve-Associated Precursors to Adult Pigment Cells: Genetic Requirements and Dynamics of Morphogenesis and Differentiation

Figure 10

Extra-hypodermal precursors were deficient in tuba8l3a mutant larvae.

(A) Wild-type larvae exhibited mitfa::GFP+ cells (green) associated with mbp+ glia (red) of peripheral nerves (arrow). sc, spinal cord; m, myotome; e, epidermis; ll, lateral line nerve. (B) mitfa::GFP+ cells (green), foxd3+ cells (red; arrow), and doubly labeled mitfa::GFP+; foxd3+ cells (arrowhead) were associated with nerve fibers stained for acetylated alpha tubulin (blue). (C) In tuba8l3a mutants, regions deficient for mbp+ glia were also deficient for mitfa::GFP+ cells. (D) Peripheral nerves were often defasciculated (arrow) and were deficient for foxd3+ and mitfa::GFP+ cells.

Figure 10