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Mouse Genome-Wide Association and Systems Genetics Identify Asxl2 As a Regulator of Bone Mineral Density and Osteoclastogenesis

Figure 6

Asxl2 is a regulator of osteoclastogenesis.

(A) RT-PCR analysis of Asxl2 expression in BMMs infected with a control (NC) or five distinct (A1–A5) lentiviral shRNA constructs targeting Asxl2. Numbers below construct names represent densitometrically determined relative Asxl2 expression ratios normalized for Actb. (B) TRAP staining of BMMs transduced with NC or one of the five (A1–A5) Asxl2 lentiviral shRNA constructs five days after induction of osteoclast differention with M-CSF and RANKL. (C) Quantification of TRAP+ MNCs for cells shown in (B) (N = 6/treatment). (D) Relative expression of Asxl2 is positively correlated (r = 0.74; P = 0.04) with the number of TRAP+ MNCs across the five infections. Data shown in (C) represents mean±SEM. *P<0.05.

Figure 6