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Mouse Genome-Wide Association and Systems Genetics Identify Asxl2 As a Regulator of Bone Mineral Density and Osteoclastogenesis

Figure 2

GWAS results for BMD in the HMDP.

Manhattan plots showing the −log10 of the association P-values (−logP) for (A) total body (TBMD), (B) spine (SBMD) and (C) femur (FBMD) in 97 HMDP strains. The analysis was performed using 108,064 SNPs with a minor allele frequency >5%. Each mouse chromosome is plotted on the x-axis in alternating dark and light blue colors. SNPs in red on Chrs. 7, 12 and 17 for TBMD, Chr. 11 for SBMD and Chr. 7 for FBMD exceeded the predetermined genome-wide significance threshold of −logP = 5.39.

Figure 2