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Mouse TRIP13/PCH2 Is Required for Recombination and Normal Higher-Order Chromosome Structure during Meiosis

Figure 6

Sex body formation in Trip13 mutant mice.

Spread chromosomes of pachytene (or pachytene-like) spermatocytes from the indicated genotypes were stained with antibodies to SYCP3 and to either BRCA1 (A,D,G), ATR (B,E,H), or γH2AX (C,F,I) to monitor sex body formation. Arrowheads point to the sex chromosomes; in (G, H, I) identities of the X and Y are deduced from axis lengths and synaptic status (i.e., fully unsynapsed). Note that many of the synapsed autosomes show abnormal presence of BRCA1 or ATR foci in the Trip13sev/sev mutant (G, H) and of γH2AX in both mutants (F, I). Bar = 10 µm.

Figure 6