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Translational Selection Is Ubiquitous in Prokaryotes

Figure 6

Gene ontology categories enriched with, or depleted of, OCU genes in Bacteria.

Disc color indicates depletion (red) or enrichment (green), while size is proportional to log number of genes in category. Enrichment or depletion is significant at p<10−15 (Fisher's exact test) in all displayed categories. Thickness of grey lines represent semantic similarity between categories; also, spatial arrangement of discs approximately reflects a grouping of categories by semantic similarity. Displayed categories have been selected from a broader set to eliminate redundancy and prepared for visualization using the REViGO tool available at; see Dataset S2 for an exhaustive listing. Callout shows enrichment of selected orthologous groups within the “nucleosome assembly” category. Summary of results from Archaea is shown in the embedded frame.

Figure 6