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Translational Selection Is Ubiquitous in Prokaryotes

Figure 3

Extent of translational selection within genomes.

(A) shows correlation of extent of translational selection in a genome (% OCU) to genome size, with the regression curve representing a fitted power-law relationship shown for illustrative purposes only. Genome size is expressed as number of protein coding genes at least 80 codons long. (B) shows the relationship between the genome size and “protein metabolism” and “regulation of biological process” functional categories, which is of predictable character; curves representing moving averages of the real data. (C) depicts correlation of % OCU to proportion of genes within a genome that belong to one of the two selected Gene Ontology categories from (B). “rSVM” referred to in (C) is the Pearson's correlation coefficient of a non-linear Support Vector Machines (SVM) regression fit (crossvalidation) of % OCU, for different combination of variables; values of “rSVM” obtained using one of the variables are given alongside the corresponding axis, top right inside the plot are values obtained when using both variables and in combination with the genome size.

Figure 3