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De novo Assembly of a 40 Mb Eukaryotic Genome from Short Sequence Reads: Sordaria macrospora, a Model Organism for Fungal Morphogenesis

Figure 7

Expression of all predicted pks and nrps genes in S. macrospora during sexual development compared with vegetative growth.

Gene names for which a N. crassa ortholog is present are given in gray, gene names where no N. crassa ortholog exists are given in bold black (see also Table S18). All expression data are the results of at least two independent experiments and were determined by quantitative real time PCR. Data for six of the genes (the first six type I pks genes, SMAC_03130 to SMAC_05695) were taken from previous studies [36],[78], expression of the other eight genes was determined in the course of this investigation. The type of encoded protein (type I PKS, type III PKS, PKS/NRPS hybrid, and NRPS) is indicated. The red line indicates two-fold upregulation.

Figure 7