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U87MG Decoded: The Genomic Sequence of a Cytogenetically Aberrant Human Cancer Cell Line

Figure 6

Reads spanning interchromosomal translocation breakpoints.

Two genomic breakpoint events are highlighted between chromosomes 2 and 16. The outer ring represents the chromosomes displaying tick marks every 100 bases. The green plot shows base-coverage for each position. Each orange line represents a single mate-pair as a link between one end of a read and its mate-pair. Between the breakpoints on each chromosome (chr2:56792000–56953300 and chr16:8826200–8826700), base coverage drops to about half of what it is on the other side of the event, from two to one copy. This suggests an interchromosomal translocation between chromosomes 2 and 16 resulting in a loss of the genomic material between the translocation breakpoints.

Figure 6