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Targeted Induction of Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress Induces Cartilage Pathology

Figure 2

Macroscopic analyses of the MCDS mouse phenotype.

(A) Skeletal preps of new born mice stained with alizarin red (bone) and alcian blue (cartilage). (B) Growth curves of mice (females) heterozygous (wt/m) and homozygous (m/m) for collagen X p.Asn617Lys mutation, compared to wild-type (wt/wt) litter mates. (C) X-ray images of male mice at 11 weeks of age, scale bar = 1 cm. (D) Comparison of bone lengths between wt/wt and m/m mice: (i) pelvis; (ii) femur, vertical white scale bar = 1 cm.

Figure 2