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Genome-Wide uH2A Localization Analysis Highlights Bmi1-Dependent Deposition of the Mark at Repressed Genes

Figure 1

Bmi1-dependent promoter uH2A enrichment correlates with promoter H3K27me3 enrichment.

(A) Profiles of per base pair Bmi1-dependent uH2A enrichment across the TSS of well annotated genes. Error bars represent s.e.m. of per base pair average for all genes analyzed (n = 15867). (B) Well-annotated genes were grouped by epigenetic modification state and the average normalized uH2A tag density was determined for each group. No K4/No K27 (n = 4690), purple; both H3K4me3 and H3K27me3 (Bivalent) (n = 1377), green; H3K27me3 only (n = 888), blue; H3K4me3 only (n = 8912), red; all genes (n = 15867), grey.

Figure 1