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Sepsid even-skipped Enhancers Are Functionally Conserved in Drosophila Despite Lack of Sequence Conservation

Figure 1

Binding site conservation and turnover in Drosophila even-skipped stripe 2 enhancer.

Predicted binding sites for the five factors known to regulate expression from the eve stripe 2 enhancer in the twelve sequenced Drosophila species [56]. Sites were predicted independently in each species using PATSER [61] and mapped onto an MLAGAN [65] multiple alignment of the eve stripe 2 enhancer sequences. The height of the box representing each binding site is scaled by its PATSER p-value (taller boxes represent sites with higher predicted affinities). The top panel (grey shading) shows the positions of biochemically-verified (in vitro footprinting) binding sites [27]. The indicated coordinates are for the multiple-alignment, which is longer than individual enhancers due to the high frequency of alignment gaps.

Figure 1