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Eliminating animal farming: good idea...

Posted by monzop on 05 Aug 2009 at 14:30 GMT

I wish you the same success that you had in your scientific projects. However, as nasty and unpleasant as the academic community can be at times, you will experience a totally different hostility in your next endeavour. And it is going to be from the most powerful people in the planet: think about the land exploiters in the Amazon: they have no problem in simply killing whoever steps on their plan (see Chico Mendes, to name just the first one).
Animal farming for human (first world) feed moves huge amount of money, and proportionally large interests, from farming itself (include agriculture to feed stocks, chemical industry for hormones, antibiotics and all sorts of chemicals, land use, waste traffic, butchery business, transport for all the above..) to food industry (distribution, advertisements, restaurants, public canteens at schools and large factories, to every home kitchen).
People do like the taste and smell of meat, and changing the habit of a couple of billion human beings (i exclude those who do not eat met, or do not have access to it anyway) is the minor of the obstacles for your project.
If you will be allowed to move few steps, as soon as they start being effective, you will be stopped.
I might risk to be patronizing, but i think you should make sure everyone knows about your project before you start, do not expose yourself to risks, be aware of who your next friends will be, and be prepared to face failure.

Good luck

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