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December 2007

This healthy yew has stood for at least 1,000 years in St. Nicholas churchyard near Brockenhurst, UK. New analyses of life-history evolution show how any such sessile organism can postpone indefinitely the onset of senescent aging. Simulations further demonstrate for the first time the possibility of evolved immortality (see Seymour and Doncaster, e256).

Image Credit: Photograph by C. Patrick Doncaster, University of Southampton, UK

Message from ISCB

Getting Started in Probabilistic Graphical Models

Edoardo M Airoldi


Computational Biology in Argentina

Sebastian Bassi, Virginia González, Gustavo Parisi

Research Articles

Coincidence Detection of Place and Temporal Context in a Network Model of Spiking Hippocampal Neurons

Yael Katz, William L Kath, Nelson Spruston, Michael E Hasselmo

The Modular Organization of Domain Structures: Insights into Protein–Protein Binding

Antonio del Sol, Pablo Carbonell

Neuraminidase Inhibitor Resistance in Influenza: Assessing the Danger of Its Generation and Spread

Andreas Handel, Ira M Longini Jr., Rustom Antia

Stereochemical Criteria for Prediction of the Effects of Proline Mutations on Protein Stability

Kanika Bajaj, M. S Madhusudhan, Bharat V Adkar, Purbani Chakrabarti, C Ramakrishnan, Andrej Sali, Raghavan Varadarajan

The Per2 Negative Feedback Loop Sets the Period in the Mammalian Circadian Clock Mechanism

A. Katharina Wilkins, Paul I Barton, Bruce Tidor

Operating Regimes of Signaling Cycles: Statics, Dynamics, and Noise Filtering

Carlos Gomez-Uribe, George C Verghese, Leonid A Mirny

Comparative Genomics Search for Losses of Long-Established Genes on the Human Lineage

Jingchun Zhu, J. Zachary Sanborn, Mark Diekhans, Craig B Lowe, Tom H Pringle, David Haussler

Determinants of Protein Abundance and Translation Efficiency in S. cerevisiae

Tamir Tuller, Martin Kupiec, Eytan Ruppin

Spike Correlations in a Songbird Agree with a Simple Markov Population Model

Andrea P Weber, Richard H. R Hahnloser

Animal Cell Differentiation Patterns Suppress Somatic Evolution

John W Pepper, Kathleen Sprouffske, Carlo C Maley

Social Interactions in Myxobacterial Swarming

Yilin Wu, Yi Jiang, Dale Kaiser, Mark Alber

Analysis of Sequence Conservation at Nucleotide Resolution

Saurabh Asthana, Mikhail Roytberg, John Stamatoyannopoulos, Shamil Sunyaev

Determination of the Processes Driving the Acquisition of Immunity to Malaria Using a Mathematical Transmission Model

João A. N Filipe, Eleanor M Riley, Christopher J Drakeley, Colin J Sutherland, Azra C Ghani

Density Dependence Triggers Runaway Selection of Reduced Senescence

Robert M Seymour, C. Patrick Doncaster


The Long and Thorny Road to Publication in Quality Journals

Thomas C Erren