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April 2007

High-risk areas for epidemic spread of avian influenza virus from poultry farms in The Netherlands. Boender et al applied a computational approach yielding risk maps for the spread of this highly transmissible disease. Farms expected to infect more than one other within a defined radius are shown in red; farms that do not constitute a risk are shown in yellow. Variations reflect the effects of different containment strategies.


Ten Simple Rules for Making Good Oral Presentations

Philip E Bourne

Research Articles

The Importance of Bottlenecks in Protein Networks: Correlation with Gene Essentiality and Expression Dynamics

Haiyuan Yu, Philip M Kim, Emmett Sprecher, Valery Trifonov, Mark Gerstein

Integration of Genome and Chromatin Structure with Gene Expression Profiles To Predict c-MYC Recognition Site Binding and Function

Yili Chen, Thomas W Blackwell, Ji Chen, Jing Gao, Angel W Lee, David J States

Cell Size at S Phase Initiation: An Emergent Property of the G1/S Network

Matteo Barberis, Edda Klipp, Marco Vanoni, Lilia Alberghina

Inferring Noncoding RNA Families and Classes by Means of Genome-Scale Structure-Based Clustering

Sebastian Will, Kristin Reiche, Ivo L Hofacker, Peter F Stadler, Rolf Backofen

Towards Complete Sets of Farnesylated and Geranylgeranylated Proteins

Sebastian Maurer-Stroh, Manfred Koranda, Wolfgang Benetka, Georg Schneider, Fernanda L Sirota, Frank Eisenhaber

Regulatory Circuit of Human MicroRNA Biogenesis

Ji Lee, Zhihua Li, Rachel Brower-Sinning, Bino John

Synchronization-Induced Rhythmicity of Circadian Oscillators in the Suprachiasmatic Nucleus

Samuel Bernard, Didier Gonze, Branka Čajavec, Hanspeter Herzel, Achim Kramer

Increasing the Power to Detect Causal Associations by Combining Genotypic and Expression Data in Segregating Populations

Jun Zhu, Matthew C Wiener, Chunsheng Zhang, Arthur Fridman, Eric Minch, Pek Y Lum, Jeffrey R Sachs, Eric E Schadt

Risk Maps for the Spread of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza in Poultry

Gert Jan Boender, Thomas J Hagenaars, Annemarie Bouma, Gonnie Nodelijk, Armin R. W Elbers, Mart C. M de Jong, Michiel van Boven

Coping with Viral Diversity in HIV Vaccine Design

David C Nickle, Morgane Rolland, Mark A Jensen, Sergei L. Kosakovsky Pond, Wenjie Deng, Mark Seligman, David Heckerman, James I Mullins, Nebojsa Jojic

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Patterns of Mesenchymal Condensation in a Multiscale, Discrete Stochastic Model

Scott Christley, Mark S Alber, Stuart A Newman

Fundamental Limits to Position Determination by Concentration Gradients

Filipe Tostevin, Pieter Rein ten Wolde, Martin Howard


RNAi Development

Mark Gerstein, Shawn M Douglas


Correction: (A)Symmetric Stem Cell Replication and Cancer

David Dingli, Arne Traulsen, Franziska Michor

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